Viper Coaches Code of Conduct

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The position of coach is very important to the ultimate success of the Vipers Baseball Team’s goals and objectives which are spelled out in the Commitment to Team Philosophy and Code of Character & Conduct documents. Due to the increased demand put upon the team in regards to their behavior and style of play, the coaching staff must be ready and eager to model those standards in front of the team on a daily basis. In order to develop athletes into leaders through the game of baseball it is essential to compete in a way that models excellent sportsmanship while playing to win. However, Vipers Baseball teams are playing with more than winning at stake. We also play so our players can shape their character and become roll models.

On The Field
Vipers Baseball teams are held to a very high level of performance and behavior. We are NOT consumed with wins and losses. But make no mistake, we do play to win. In light of this view, we believe that the coaching staffs are responsible for all on field reactions, whether spoken or not. Our words and actions can make or break the character and leadership development of our players. Therefore, profanity will not be tolerated. As a Vipers Baseball Coach, we need to be an example in all situations, including questioning a call by an umpire, confronting members of the opposing team, or confronting fans. This is not to say questioning a call is not permitted. Questioning an umpire about a call is acceptable, but we want to maintain a high level of sportsmanship. We need to be careful of our words and attitude behind the questioning. We are not always able to choose our circumstances, but we can choose our response to those circumstances. If this is what we are teaching our players, we need to be able to live it out in front of them in the heat of competition.

Off The Field
The players on the teams are not only watching you during workouts and games, but they also see your actions away from the field, giving you more opportunities to influence them in a positive way. It’s a huge responsibility, but it goes with the territory. Coaches are roll models both on and off the field, so everything we do should model the strong character and leadership we strive to teach our players. We need to conduct ourselves with class and professionalism in all we do for the Vipers Baseball Club.

Additional Points of Emphasis for Vipers Baseball Coaches:
  • Maintain a willingness to coach under the guidelines spelled out in the Commitment to Team Philosophy, Code of Character & Conduct documents and this Coaches Conduct document.
  • Maintain a willingness to meet with other Vipers coaches to help strengthen each team and the overall program.
  • Maintain a willingness to enforce the Player Code of Character & Conduct.
  • Maintain a willingness to enforce the Parent Code of Conduct.
  • Maintain a willingness to fundraise for your team if needed.
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