Vipers P.I.T.

The Vipers P.I.T. is our indoor hitting and training facility. P.I.T. stands for Players in Training. The P.I.T. is available to Vipers teams and individual players. Having an indoor facility gives us a competitive advantage via Winter practice opportunities AND in-season preparation.

The P.I.T. is only available via our online reservation system ( for a full team OR for an eligible player to reserve a lane.  Let's take care of this awesome facility. Treat it like it is yours, because it is! 

See the key links below to utilize the Vipers P.I.T.!

PIT Reservation Map to PIT
PIT Instructor Exception



Vipers PIT


Vipers PIT Clean Up - Leave it better than you found it!

1. Ensure all nets are pulled to the full open position.
2. All “equipment” is put in the corner by the window. Pitching mounds stored with turf side facing out.
3. L-Screens on top of hitting mat (no legs in net).
4. Basket of baseballs on each hitting mat
5. Stool on each hitting mat
6. One home plate on each hitting mat
7. Tee on each hitting mat
8. All fans and lights out and all doors locked if you are last team there.