Vipers Perks

Perk: College Recruiting Process Guidance

Our club is experiencing much success in getting our prospects the opportunity to play baseball in college. Our board and coaches have the experience and tools to advise players on how to navigate the complex recruiting landscape. We can also help parents know how to support their kids, as well as learning the importance of staying in the background to help ensure that this effort is truly owned by the player.

Please visit our website dedicated to the recruiting process, complete with individual prospect profiles, blog articles and success announcements of our prospects who get the opportunity to play in college.  Visit early and often!

Perk: Awesome Gear & Uniforms

We have great relationships directly with prominent uniform companies and with baseball gear distributors. We begin the planning process early enough to ensure great looking uniforms arrive in plenty of time for early Spring games. The early bird gets the worm.

Our size and early planning help us to negotiate great rates. Our centralized process adds efficiency for all of our teams. In addition, our vendor relationships allow us to offer demo events and discount pricing throughout the season.


Perk: Competitive Teams

We have teams across age groups from 7u to 18u. Our size and organizational capabilities allow us to pick from among the best players and coaches in the area. This leads to results. Our teams always compete and win frequently.

Our primary goal is to develop players to respect the game, always compete and always support their teammates. It is amazing how often that formula leads to victory. But we can also learn VERY valuable life lessons from this sometimes cruel game. Players need to learn from a loss and learn to quickly move on from a bad play.  It is those lessons that help young men the most.

Perk: GREAT Communication Tools (TeamApp, Web Presence)

We provide a website presence and individual team communication tools that help our coaches to focus on coaching by making communication tasks much simpler.  Efficient communication can help everybody get to events on time with the right gear/uniform.  We provide access to and guidance for the following technology and communication tools:

  • TeamApp, our own mobile app just for our teams (
  • This mobile friendly website, our web home!
  • Our mobile friendly website devoted to the college recruiting process (
  • Many of our teams use GameChanger to score games, we could certainly help provide guidance on using this valuable tool.
  • You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Perk: Play It Forward Program

The Play It Forward program encourages our high school age players to volunteer hours in helping our younger teams. They help run practices, throw BP and can even help during games. The original idea of this program was to have the older players "give back."  An awesome side benefit is how much it has helped the older players to love the game and in some cases discover leadership qualities.

We log hours and have a competition to provide an incentive to participate, but we have found that the service itself is the best incentive.


Perk: Chris Burke Baseball

Chris Burke and his instructors use our home the Vipers P.I.T. to conduct lessons. Their presence is always helpful, as they strive toward quality instruction, making players around them better.  Chris simply sees things in a swing that others do not see.

Chris and team provide private instruction, hitting camps and they also can assist with team practices. They have even been known to help with in-game coaching for Vipers teams.

Chris is a very positive member of the local community, and is a regular on ESPN baseball broadcasts. You can find more information about Chris and his team at

Perk: Vipers P.I.T.

The Vipers P.I.T. is our indoor hitting and training facility. P.I.T. stands for Players in Training. The P.I.T. is available to Vipers teams and individual players. Having an indoor facility gives us a competitive advantage via Winter practice opportunities AND in-season preparation.

The P.I.T. is only available via our online reservation system ( for a full team or for an individual player to reserve a lane.  Let's take care of this awesome facility. Treat it like it is yours, because it is!