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About Vipers Baseball Club

Vipers P.I.T. Location - Our Indoor Training Facility

    Vipers P.I.T. Address: 4601 Springdale Road, Louisville KY 40241

    Vipers Baseball Club Vision Statement:

    To build an athletic environment that:

    1. Presents a program which shapes character and creates role models;
    2. Positively impacts athletes, parents, coaches and all communities who come in contact with our participants;
    3. Enables athletes to develop strong mental and physical skills to help them succeed now and in the future;
    4. Enables players to compete at the highest possible level.


    Vipers Baseball Club Recruiting

    You can find our high school age player recruiting home on the web at  Our recruiting website was developed to:

    1. Educate and inform both our players and parents on the college recruiting process;
    2. Promote our Viper prospects who want to play baseball as part of their college experience.


    Vipers Baseball Club Mission Statement:

    We exist to develop our athletes into leaders through baseball and softball.

    If you have additional questions, submit a question via the Contact Us form. Thanks for your interest!

                                                   Aaron Beard, Vipers Baseball Club Founder and President